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Seasons Law has the experience and knowledge to unravel the most complicated estate, trust and probate matters. Our clients recognize us for our unique blend of professionalism, efficiency, expertise and personal consideration. We are dedicated to finding the most direct way to resolve your legal issues. The services we offer are sure to sort out your affairs in a timely manner.

Estate Planning

Most people incorrectly assume that estate planning is for the elderly or for clients looking to protect large estates from tax. In reality, most people benefit from having an estate plan that keeps pace with their changing needs over time.
Our attorneys regularly work with young families, business owners, seniors and single people to structure an estate plan to help manage their personal or business assets during their lives and pass them on with the least expense. Lynn Dean and Tracy Poston Shows have had great success in helping clients create:

-Living, Special Needs & Irrevocable Trusts


-Financial Powers of Attorney

-Advance Health Care Directives

Estate Administration

When someone in your family passes away, their spouse or heirs will need assistance in managing the notices and distribution of their assets. We offer services in the following areas for families whether we have created the original documents or not:

  • Probate

  • Trust Administration

  • Trust Transfer Petitions

  • Small Estate Affidavits

  • A-B Trust Division (Bypass Trusts)

  • Spousal Property Petitions

Legal Document Review & Updates

When was the last time you had your will or trust reviewed? Too often, people create an estate plan only to shove it in a drawer and never look at it again. Having an outdated estate plan can be worse than having no estate plan at all. Reviews of your estate plan need to happen every two to five years to confirm that your plan still supports your current needs and goals.

To determine whether your will or trust needs updating, consider whether you have recently moved to a new residence, had a death or divorce in the family or acquired new assets. Don’t leave your loved ones to fight through the negative consequences of an outdated estate plan. We will happily review your existing documents to align with your current circumstances and goals for the future.


Probate is a lengthy and expensive court process, that typically takes 6 months to a year. Probate exists in order to provide a method for transferring assets for people who have created no documents. If a person creates only a Will, probate may still be needed. In the process of probate, the court will appoint an Executor or Administrator to be in charge of the estate. The job of the Executor is to follow the instructions contained in the Will, but the Executor will generally not distribute any assets until the probate process is complete. An Administrator is appointed where there is no Will, and the State laws will direct how the estate is to be distributed. The Executor/Administrator and the Attorney are both entitled to fees, at a rate set in the California Probate Code. The fee schedule is set forth in Resources.

Speaking Engagements

Lynn and Tracy are happy to share their expertise on estate planning. They are available to speak on a number of topics, including estate planning for your children, revocable living trusts, California’s new “Transfer on Death Deed,” IRA vs 401K, becoming a trustee and so on.
To see where Lynn and Tracy are scheduled to speak, please refer to the “events” section of our Facebook page or contact our office to schedule them at your next event. Our services can benefit any age group. Reach out to our office today to begin planning for your future. Download our Speaker Sheet to learn more about presentation topics...

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