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California Estate Planning Attorney

We understand your family has a lot to think about with the unpredictability of life.  Seasons Law P.C. is here to help you plan for an uncertain future so you can put your mind at ease. We guide our clients through the important legal processes of estate planning and administration throughout life’s many seasons.

Our firm offers decades of experience in creating first-time estate plans and updating existing plans as our clients’ lives change.  We prepare Advance Health Care Directives, Durable Powers of Attorney for Financial Management, Wills and Trusts.  We are often asked, ‘Do I need a trust?”  Great question.  The short answer is ‘it depends’ and designing the plan tailored to each client’s unique needs is our goal. 

At an initial consultation, we will ask you to tell us your story and your wishes for the future. We will work together to develop appropriate estate plan documents to suit your unique needs. Maybe you have a child with special needs, or need provisions to care for aging parents or want to establish an ‘education’ trust for your nieces and nephews.  Perhaps you have no idea who could serve as your trustee and need some help identifying an appropriate agent.  We can help. 

Our attorneys are experienced counselors and embrace the creativity of estate plan design.  And, once the planning is done, we strive to write documents using language that you will understand, so you have confidence that your plan reflects your wishes.   

In addition to preparing estate plans, we also administer plans when that time comes. For example, ‘Agents’ (such as ‘trustees’) are designated in estate plans to act on behalf of another person when he or she can no longer manage their own personal and financial affairs.  There is a legal process for the Agent to follow when asserting her authority.  We counsel Agents on their ‘fiduciary’ obligations and prepare documents to assert the Agent’s authority when the time comes.

While trusts are typically favored because they do not usually require court involvement, there is a formal process for administering a trust.  Important legal steps such as ‘noticing’ heirs and beneficiaries of the trust and transferring assets to accomplish the distribution are a few examples.  Our attorneys will explain the trust administration process in plain English and guide you, step by step, through to final distribution. 

We can also help if no estate plan was created.  Sometimes loved ones need help during their lifetime and without an Advance Health Care Directive or Power of Attorney, a court process is available to give an agent authority to assist when a loved is unable to manage his own financial affairs.  Upon death, we can also file probate petitions for estate with no estate plan or to administer estates with assets outside of the trust, when necessary.

As a client of Seasons Law P.C. we commit to giving you the attention you need and the expertise necessary to help you weather life’s seasons with confidence.  We welcome you to contact us and schedule an initial consultation. We hope to be your law firm for life’s seasons. 

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