Lynn A. Dean


Lynn A. Dean retired from Seasons Law, P.C. in 2018. We wish her the best!


In 1986, I started the Law Office of Lynn A. Dean with a typewriter and a computer in the spare bedroom of my home in Roseville. The law firm grew over the years, to include secretaries, paralegal, and attorneys, reaching a full time staff of 8 employees. These people have become my second family. Cheri Noel has worked for me for 32 years.

In 2014, Tracy Shows and I began working together. In 2016, we became partners and formed Seasons Law, P.C., “an estate planning firm for all of life’s seasons.” I have been honored and privileged to work with so many wonderful clients over the last 32 years, who shared with me their goals, their dreams, their struggles and their successes. Some of these clients have become my friends as well.

Our motto at Seasons Law P.C. is to treat everyone we work with as if they were our own family members. We listen, we care, and we do our very best to provide estate planning services that will evolve with your family’s needs.

I have now reached a different “season” in my life. It is a time for personal growth, reflection, and a time for trying some new things instead of working seven days a week. I have retired from the day to day practice of law to play piano, travel, exercise, and spend time with friends and my family. I will deeply miss seeing my clients, but I believe that I have left the law firm in very capable hands. Tracy Shows comes to work every day with a heart for the people she meets. She will continue to manage the firm with the values that we share. I know that you will enjoy working with her, and with her team.

My best to all of the many people who helped me become a better person along the way.


Lynn Dean

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